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Helium Balloons in Mexico City

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Helium Balloons in Mexico City.

Helium Balloons delivery service in Mexico City. Don’t miss that special occasion and send a beautiful helium balloons bouquet. Find out the amazing balloons we have prepared for you. Birthday balloons, love balloons, message balloons or any other celebration.

At monyur.com we designed hundreds of variations of balloon bouquets for you. We also can design a very special and unique helium balloons bouquet for you.

We use Hi-Float in all our latex balloons to increase floating time. Floating time for helium balloons may vary. For latex ballons floating time is 2-3 days, foil balloons floating time is around 5 days. Please avoid sudden temperature changes, high temperatures or direct sunlight exposure.

Ballons are not toys. Please do not let children alone whith them without adult surveillance.

Hellium balloons


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